Students take an increasing number of high-stakes tests that are used to determine academic progress, college admission, college credit, and available scholarship money.  Connections provides individual tutoring to help your son or daughter prepare for the SAT/ACT/PSAT, state graduation exams, AP, and IB tests.  Tutoring sessions will prepare students for the format of the test, provide relevant test-taking strategies, and cover content-area material.


We provide support for all levels of independent school entrance exams and high school placement tests.  Our tutors give students test taking strategies as well as provide instruction to target content specific areas the student may be lacking.


One of our most popular programs is an extended SAT and/or ACT preparation courses; if you have a sophomore, junior, or incoming senior in high school, this course would be a great place to start.  The course focuses on the language of the test, specific strategies for success, commonly-used content material, and practice for the exam.

AP/IB Exams

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams focus heavily on content, so students who anticipate taking these tests benefit from frequent review sessions.  Our tutors can help your son or daughter master difficult content while consistently reviewing material that was covered earlier in the course, all in a one-on-one environment that helps students focus and succeed.

State Achievement Exams

The state of Ohio has used a number of different high-stakes tests in recent years; we have licensed, trained teachers on staff who can help your son or daughter prepare for an ever-evolving high-stakes test.

While the focus of test preparation is the exam itself, our tutors are always mindful to teach study skills that each student can use throughout their academic experience.  We strive to create life-long learners and success that continues for years after the desired test score.