Study Skills and Executive Functioning

Our study skills mentors work to provide each student with many tools and strategies necessary to help the child take a more systematic and organized approach to their learning.  Our goal through this support is to provide targeted Academic Mentors in order to contribute to students gaining valuable independent learning and study strategies.

Learning executive functioning and organizational strategies and practicing consistent routines can help students achieve great success both in school and in their personal lives. The earlier students adopt and implement executive functioning strategies, the easier problem solving is for them.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Setting up and teaching long-term use of an individualized folder system
  • Locker/backpack organization strategies
  • Color coding systems for organizing notes and materials
  • Creating concept maps and linear outlines using an interactive writing program
  • Direct instruction on the use of daily planners/assignment notebooks, including time
    management, longitudinal project breakdown, and exam/test preparation scheduling.
  • Test preparation strategies for all subjects and content area
  • Reading strategies to improve comprehension and retention of material

One-on-one executive functioning tutoring happens year-round. In addition, we offer a week long summer course to introduce many of these skills.  Please contact us for additional information about these services or hosting a summer course at your school.