Summer is an excellent time to reinforce the knowledge and skills your child learned during the school-year or prepare them for the challenging content they may face in the coming year. We offer a variety of small-group instruction camps as well as our traditional individualized one-on-one tutoring services.


Individual Enrichment

Weekly sessions are available and can be provided around your summer plans. Our tutors can provide intervention as well as maintenance to ensure students continue with growth that occurred during the school year and students are prepared for the upcoming school year. 

STEM Science Camp

Would you like your primary age student to have fun in camp while learning hands-on science concepts? Our science camp is educational and fun, focusing on states of matter, cycles in nature, physical and chemical changes, science in the kitchen, and how sound travels.  Each day will have a theme, a snack, and writing or art activities based on the content that is covered. Camp fees are $150. Camp will be held July 10-14 from 9-11:30am for students in grades 1-3. 

If you would like to attend this camp, please complete your Connections Summer Camp Registration.

Study Skills Sharpener

Study Skill sharpener is our most popular and longstanding course designed to improve students overall studying and note-taking techniques. A parent packet with ideas for implementation and summer review will be sent home as well.  Camp fees are $200. 

Topics covered include:

  • verbal and written techniques for note-taking
  • organizing text and new information
  • summarizing new information and class notes
  • test-taking strategies
  • organizing and planning studying times

This camp will be offered three times over the summer:

July 10-14, 9-11am  for students in grades 6-8 (Connections Summer Camp Registration

July 17-21, 1-3pm for students in grades 5-8 (*see registration below)

July 24-28, 1-3pm for students in grades 9-12 (*see registration below)

Mighty Math Minds*

This camp will increase students’ number sense and provide strategies for tackling complex, real-world math problems and focus on being great math thinkers, not just math doers. Using stories, videos, models, and math tools we will focus the different ways our brains can think about and approach solving problems.  Whole group and small group instruction will be included as well as interactive games, hands-on stations, and individual practice. At the end of the week, students will go home with an excitement for math and problem solving, as well as useful strategies and math language to incorporate into their mighty math mind. Camp fees are $175. Camp will be held July 10-14 from 9-11am for students in grades 1-3. 

If you would like to attend this camp, please visit the following site to complete registration.

Books and Beyond*

Each day will start by reading a favorite picture book. This book will then be our springboard for an afternoon of fun! Using crafts, games, songs, and even baking, we will practice literacy and math skills that all tie back to a fantastic story. Students will look forward to the big reveal each morning as we find out which book will guide our day’s activities! Camp fees are $175. Camp will be held June 26-30 from 1-3pm for students entering grades K-2 (ages 5-7). 

If you would like to attend this camp, please visit the following site to complete registration.

*In collaboration with Cincinnati Country Day School, Connections Tutoring will teach and facilitate the courses mentioned above. Campers do NOT need to be enrolled at CCDS to attend. If interested in attending the camps listed, please complete registration here.