Connections Tutoring has exceeded my family’s very high expectations.  My children have worked with a combined total of 4 Connections math tutors over a period of about 2 years.  Amanda Vaughn carefully matches them with tutors to optimize the connection, tutor’s expertise and child’s experience.  She finds very effective and appropriate subs when needed and has accommodated our busy and changing schedule (including providing extra sessions around exam time).  The tutors have all been professional, skilled, dedicated and kind.   When my child’s activity schedule conflicted with the regular tutoring time, Amanda Vaughn presented us with a number of good options.   She and the tutors are eager to communicate with me and my kids to best understand what the kids are working on in class, what is most needed and what helps most.  I have watched my kids’ math class grades and math standardized test scores improve during the course of time that they have worked with their tutors.  I think the extra targeted practice helps them eliminate careless mistakes and provides the necessary reinforcement for true mastery of the material.  It also gives them a confidence boost — they see themselves as strong math students. They see that hard work pays off.  All of these things pay great dividends over time. I feel that Connections Tutoring gives my children an incredible and long-term gift.  I give Connections my highest recommendation and continue to happily recommend this gem to my friends.

-Indian Hill middle and high school parent, Spring 2016


Having confidence that my children are ready for the next developmental phase in life has always been a big stress for me. Having my daughter complete Connections Tutoring summer study skills program helped alleviate that stress in many ways. First, it provided my daughter, at the time going into 7th grade, with a great structure to approach a year full of honors classes. By the end of the week, she had a binder full of tools to help her with various studying strategies, test taking tips, and note taking skills. It also provided her with a degree of confidence that helped her approach this new level of academic expectation with a greater sense of self. This confidence helped her participate in class as well as approach her teachers when she needed help. Most importantly, the class provided her with information that I know junior high teachers expect her to have but not all elementary teachers have the time or skill set to provide. Now as a freshmen in a local private high school, I have continued to see the pay off in how she approaches and handles herself as a student. I would highly recommend the services of Connections Tutoring and look forward to my son taking the class this summer as he prepares to enter junior high. 

-Summer Camp parent, Summer 2015

I’d like to let you know how pleased we are with Shannon. She is just what we needed and is exceeding our expectations!  She provides excellent communication, a thorough approach and follow-up, terrific connectivity with teachers and us (we are coordinated and on the same page), she is kind but firm, she provides ‘real’ tips, techniques and suggestions for all of us that address our son’s challenges, and her intervention helps me in particular so that I can concentrate on more positive experiences rather than arguing over homework.

-Middle School parent, Spring 2015

The tutoring sessions definitely have helped!  Our daughter got a 92% on the test and many compliments from the Pre-Calculus teacher!  We were very, very pleased with your expertise, patience, and professionalism!

-Milford High School parent, April 2015

Connections Tutoring custom built a math enrichment program for my daughter and several of her classmates, to take place at her school.   My daughter thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the extra challenge of this program.     I was very impressed with the director, Amanda Vaughn, who worked with the classroom teacher, school administration, and parents, to make this enrichment program a reality.

-3rd grade parent, Cincinnati Hebrew Day School, Spring 2014

Connections Tutoring worked with my son for three years. They provided one on one support to increase his understanding and confidence in math as well as provided weekly support for the increasing academic demands he faced as a middle and high school student.

-Parent, St. Xavier High School, December 2014

My tutor is amazing, when I was in 4th grade I was struggling in math.  She has helped me find away to succeed in it.  I still struggle, but not as much.  She taught me to ask for help when you need it and to not be afraid of it.  Teachers are there to help you succeed not to scare you.

-6th grade student, Spring 2014

Connections Tutoring has been a wonderful experience for our family.  We tried franchise-based learning centers but they were extremely expensive and inflexible.  We also used upperclassmen but they lacked professional insight.  Connections Tutoring is affordable, professional and very individualized. They really took time to get to know our child through parent/child interviews, meetings with teachers, and reviewing past assessments and evaluations.  Our child is rapidly building confidence, becoming more motivated and performing at a higher level as a result of their in-depth coaching and guidance.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Connections Tutoring because at least for our family – they have helped us keep the home front peaceful and the classroom productive!

-Indian Hill Middle School Parent, 2013

I just have to tell you that my daughter is always SO upbeat after her tutoring session.  You have a real gift. When she gets in the car she is smiling and she is excited to tell me about her progress. You can’t out a price tag on that. You are a wonderful role model for her and we are grateful for that.

-Middle School parent, 2015

Please accept this note as an expression of my gratitude as your work with Joseph has transformed him.  I have seen such incredible progress in him. Not only in his work production, but also in his confidence. He just left my room after reciting his poem nearly perfectly.  I will have my grades updated by Sunday, so he can see the results of his efforts (and your efforts), but please know that his smile as he left my classroom was better than any grade in my grade book.  Thank you!

-Summit Country Day Teacher, January 2015

The level of professionalism and the high level of communication is what has set your business apart.  I appreciate all you have done to make a positive impact on both of our children.

-CCDS Parent, May 2015

We could not be happier. Sam is responding very well and has really connected with Jamie. Jamie is showing me what she is doing, and why, and it is extremely effective. She is a wonderful teacher, warm and personable. Sam is learning the content very quickly and we feel she will be well-prepared for her tests. 

-The Smith Family, Fall 2015